LIFESTYLE / Friday, May 18th, 2018

Are you saving more than you are spending? Or is it the other way around? You have goals, but are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to fund them? Some goals cannot be attained without money and it’s frustrating when you do not have it. Word to the wise: Assign “jobs” to your money and STOP SPENDING EVERY DIME YOU GET! Sacrifice is the name of the game. Your goals need cash!! I am preaching up in here … Amen!

Listen here – if I stop and really take a glance in the mirror, I will be the first to admit that I MUST DO BETTER. For a moment, we will discuss spending money on fast food. I get it. We are busy and the purchase of a grease-filled bag of fast-food is just easier than going to the grocery store and getting items for a nice, inexpensive work day worth of food – or is it? I have examined personally that spending an average of $30 a week on fast-food lunch is money that cannot be recuperated.

Yeah, you may get another $30, but what if that fast food money was in the bank – week after week after week? I tell you one thing – You would not be singing the “I can’t wait to get paid next week” song. Keep your money in your lunch box! Yep! That’s what I said! Back in the day, we packed lunches and now I see why. It was just a much wiser investment. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a packed lunch every now and again. In fact, I practice keeping bagels and cereal at work to fight the urge to join the “fast-food bandwagon” office talk. I admit that I have definitely rode the wagon, but I also realize that saying no and keeping money in the lunch box takes disciple and self-control. I never knew how liberating it was to hold on to $20 as opposed to wasting it on half-consumed cups of exquisite java every day. I literally saved $1000.00 in a month as I monitored this disciplinary act of self-denial.

Let’s have a Confession and Accountability party starting right now – it is powerful and liberating. Deliver your coins from the frivolous chains of drive-thru windows and invest it in or on something more concrete. It will not feel good, but it will be good. So, the great CHALLENGE: NO CREDIT CARD USE ALL NEXT WEEK. NO FAST FOOD. GROCERY SHOP FOR PACKED LUNCH AND USE CASH ONLY. Do I have anyone ready for the challenge?




  1. Love it! I do not have a credit card!! And instant gratification is the reason why. Plus, I keep very little $ in my wallet. I am prudent with my eftpos card. At the moment my income is severely restricted, yet I have managed to save $1,000.00 within a few months. Go forth and brown bag, I say!!!

    1. YES! I am so happy to know that the “brown” bag is making “green” banks! I am happy to hear of the $1K accomplishment. That is very encouraging to hear and motivating to those reading! Thank you for you great comment!

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