LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL / Monday, November 25th, 2019

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textileI know! I know! It is just days away from the day God sanctioned as “all you can eat” and here I am telling you to lose weight! Yes. I am not only telling you, but I am speaking directly to myself. Listen, losing weight is not just connected to hitting the gym to shed a few pounds. However, it is about the total person – spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

As the holiday parties approach and the list for resolutions are becoming an everyday focus, losing weight is primary on most of our lists. And while we are feverishly trying to flatten our tummies for the glitzy gala gowns and handsome tuxedos, we have become bloated and overweight in our lack of bible study, un-attentiveness to our businesses, loss of family connectivity and un-preparedness in areas of our careers and specialized pursuits. We have gained weight.

We have taken on the burdens of others, and that alone is stressful. We are carrying the burdens of foolishness that we refuse to disconnect from, causing us to be ever discontent within ourselves. We are bloated. We are heavy. We are just FAT, unhealthy mentally and drained emotionally. This is what I consider a grave imbalance. We need to shed the pounds associated with people, places, things and ideas that do not add benefit to our lives. Simple. If what you are involved in now does not cater to adding value, building you up or connecting you to greater, you MUST shed those pesky pounds.

When we stress over small things, we add weight and pressure physically. That is a true fact. So, my job is to encourage us all to DETOX. Not with water, lemon, cucumbers, mint and flat-belly exercises (which are all by the way very good for you), but with a renewed mindset. Amplify the positive things. See, our problem is that we “feed” negativity and starve what should be made positive. That is also weight we must lose. Your mind will replay mistakes and have you feeling sub-standard when you already know that you are the best in what God created. Purpose. You have it. So, why are we mal-nourished in that area? Today we re-commit to a healthier lifestyle in how we treat ourselves and others. We pledge allegiance to weight loss in the areas that are hindering momentum and fortitude. Here are just a few ways that I feel can get you started on a new journey:

  1. Get a nice journal. Write out feelings and talk to God about how you intend to move forward and reset your life for upward movement.
  2. Read the Bible and PRAY. Many of the answers that we struggle with are found in the Holy Scriptures. Proverbs and Psalms are very relaxing. Prayers of thanksgiving during a nice walk optimizes the GOOD things in life. Thank God for everything and stop complaining. Truly, it could be worse.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone. Go get a nice facial, try yoga, or go to an unfamiliar restaurant. Or here’s an idea – DO ALL THREE!! Put on an outfit that makes you feel upgraded! Enjoy a night on the town that consist of painting or pottery. Do something different.
  4. STOP feeling guilty for SAYING NO!
  5. Find a quiet time and read a business article. Keep up with the trends of financial news and invest your money wisely.
  6. Create a new business venture or polish the one you have.
  7. Visit the nursing home. Why? Many people are alone without friends and family. Be nice and drop off socks and blankets for those who may never have a relative visit them.
  9. FORGIVE QUICKLY. Harboring resentment is poison to your body. Release it by forgiving those who have done you wrong. In fact, I challenge you to initiate!
  10. Laugh ALOT! Enjoy friends and cherish family!

This is just a small list that I know has worked for me and trust me, I will be implementing these ideas sooner than later to give myself a well-deserved and overdue DETOX! I too need a cleansing! Let’s lose weight together!



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