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LIFESTYLE / Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

Well, WE MADE IT! 2020 served up a pretty interesting deck of cards completely beyond our control. We took some heavy hits and major losses. Many of us are in recuperation mode, pulling the broken pieces together the best way we can.

Much is inexplainable. However, we are HERE in 2021 to talk about those times and to celebrate them! Look in the mirror and congratulate the person looking back at you – THAT person is a SURVIVOR!

So…let’s TOAST to the FUTURE! We are looking ahead to something merry and bright. Let’s not get wrapped in a heap of resolutions; rather, let us concern our long list of goals with ACTION. It is the season of execution! Do you agree that we lack MOTION on so many levels? Great. I’m super glad we agree – and this is what we will seek to change.

I am excited! Are you? The BEST thing we can do is reflect and move forward. 2020 taught us one thing – GRATEFULNESS. If you are still dragging in complaints, then you have missed the turmoil of what was. Take a moment to just tell God “THANK YOU”. Why? Because HE is the one that kept you thus far. His light and His hand will guide you through the course of this year. TRUST HIS PLAN!

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