LIFESTYLE / Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Yesterday, over 4.7 billion users experienced over six hours of a social media outage – which caused many of us fluster and frustration. WHY? Well, primarily, it is the way that ALL of us feel in some shape, form or fashion – CONNECTED. The fact that the loss of connectivity on a platform that we do not own now becomes uncontrollable, brings about anxiety that had many wondering how long connections would be unavailable.

When we consider how social media is only “another” way to socialize and communicate, we should really tighten our modes of communication methods by building genuine relationships that surpass digital means. I distinctly remember a time when the way to communicate was actually writing a letter and dropping it in the mailbox!

(NOT TO DATE MYSELF) …. BUT – How strong are your connections? Are they a little shaky? Are they dependent upon social media? Are the real? Do they last past good thrills and happy times? I don’t know about you, but I want connections that ADD VALUE! I need connections that are beyond social media platforms and ones that uphold who I am and where I am trying to go. 

SOOOO – GET SOME TOOLS AND TIGHTEN THOSE CONNECTIONS! Tools include reaching out (when you are not in need of something) and sending warm embraces through the mail. Find out how people are doing and make sure you stay connected! 


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