LIFESTYLE / Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

What would life be like if you were operating in OPTIMAL mental health? So many things have our minds disoriented. Trying to balance life, family, food choices, activities, school, and even what to wear as the world switches from PJs to three piece suits! We are returning to the office, and for many, these swift transitions weigh heavily on your mental capacity.

Well, TAKE CHARGE! Yup! All I can tell you to do is to TAKE CHARGE of your mental health to experience FREEDOM! Do not allow people to dictate to you what you should be doing, when.

Here is some insight: The pandemic allowed us to SHIFT into making decision that best fit US our schedules, our flow, our wants, and our desires. So – don’t go back! If anyone is now taking advantage of you, it is your fault. The motto of Skittles makes a lot of sense and once you TASTE THE RAINBOW of freedom, please ensure you do not go back into bondage – mentally, physically, or emotionally!

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