LIFESTYLE / Monday, December 12th, 2022

New experiences open my mind to diversity.

It is enjoyable to learn something that expands our base of knowledge. Being in unfamiliar situations introduces all of us to a different scope of understanding. That understanding equips us to take an unbiased view of people and scenarios.

For example, from my perspective, visiting other countries exposes me to foreign cultures. I am curious about how things are done elsewhere. It gives me a sense of wonderment to see the differences.

When I learn about what offends others, I am more conscious of how I interact. I am respectful of other’s background even when it is different from mine. Being aware of the nuances in expectation helps to encourage healthy relations with others.

I am happy to have friends from various social upbringings. Understanding how they live and seeing their experiences show me humility.

I avoid taking my blessings for granted. I realize that some things that come easily to me are a privilege to others. I stay away from passing judgment when someone takes a particular view of my situation.

Being among varied beliefs teaches me to be polite and courteous, even when I hold a different point of view than someone I encounter.

Today, the beauty of the world comes from the diverse cultures, personalities, and backgrounds. Each day is a blessing to me because I am able to alter my perspective. My views of the world grow immensely with each passing day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I react when someone is being ostracized for their cultural background?
  2. How does diversity impact the results I am able to get from my team at work?
  3. What can I do to ensure my mind remains open to the differences in others?

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