Greetings my friends and welcome to this wonderful community!

My name is Takeitha Peterson Carter, also known as “TK”, YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH PARTNER! As a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the world-class John Maxwell Leadership Team, I am motivated to inspire, coach, teach and train through personal webinars and connection opportunities!

I am very happy that you have stopped by to visit my blog and podcast! I am committed, like 100% ALL in, to inspiring you to pursue individual goals.

It is truly my desire to see everyone excel and maximize their innate God-given potential, regardless of the phase of life you may be in. Working the Dash is a lifestyle blog and podcast. OH – and you can do a little shopping too! We will journey together through discussions that will spark positive change and upgrade your standard of living and improve areas of your life and ministry. Still need extra encouragement – just grab my new book! It is entitled, “Live Alive”! As a point of connection during this time, please take advantage of EVERY MOMENT. I am GIFTING you a Mindfulness Moment Activity as a FREE download!

I admonish you to go after life and make the β€œdash” count. Each person comes with 2 dates and a dash. Every moment is important! Be it health, ministry, business, finance, family – every moment counts! So, the dash, you say? Yes the dash. It is that small line between your date of arrival and your date of departure. That dash represents time and how we spend it. Live life alive and again, make every moment count! I will guide you through inspirational posts and prayerfully, you will be lifted and injected with energy that will propel your best life! Now go be great and be intentional about “working the dash”!