LIFESTYLE / Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

May brings with it a freshness, a renewal, a force of new momentum and an energy that other months cannot quite capture. Graduation invitations flood mailboxes and the pictures of caps and gowns crowd your timeline. The start of new besunshine cupginnings are taking place. Rain showers come from absolutely nowhere to water the earth. Couples are in love and walks in the park with your beloved is the norm. Salads and vibrant foods take over dinner moments as the health conscience embrace maintaining goals.

Yet, there is another side to May and this side is a lot less attractive than the former descriptions. You begin to reflect on what you said you were going to do in January – and when you compare what you said to what you have completed, discouragement sets in. The dark clouds of ‘ahh – it don’t matter anyway’ becomes the mental conversation and this is what happens.

maybe pic

You begin to think: Well, “maybe” I will go back to school or “maybe” I will start eating better or “maybe” I will just wait until next year to start all over. I am here to let you know that YOU can change the meaning of YOUR “maybe” today! How about looking at this month as an inspirational lease on that start.

With positive vibes, let’s restate our claim: This ‘MAY’-BE the right time! “Maybe” I … WILL write my book or “maybe” it is the right time to get my health under control or “maybe” the business that I have wanted to pursue is worth the investment! This is the “MAYBE” RAIN that we need in our lives! 

MAY you forever bloom and MAY your endeavors be great and your successes be aligned with your determinations. Stay lifted and just “maybe” this will be the absolute BEST year of your efforts!

4 Replies to “‘MAY’BE I WILL – ‘MAY’BE I …”

  1. Awesome!
    May is a great time to reflect, regroup, and readjust. It’s almost mid year and the perfect time to reassess our goals and objectives, reaffirm our commitment, and restart. You’re right Lady TK, this MAY-BE and can be our best year yet.

  2. This is good and inspirational! Maybe , I need to get busy at doing something before the end of the year!

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