LIFESTYLE / Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

So much is happening! First, let me start off by thanking ALL of you who take time to read my blogs and support the vision of Working the Dash! I pray for you and your families during this holiday season. I am so blessed that YOU are apart of my life!

Many of you follow my social media and #RoadTo20 has been a staple of my posts. That is because 2020 is NOT the time to start your planning for the year. The time is NOW! I-20 is in the title because we are on the highway rolling with intentional purpose!


With that being said, Working the Dash, Inc. is expanding its borders – enlarging its territories and branching into purpose! As an OFFICIAL non-profit organization, we are now offering new opportunities for Youth Ministry Training, under the new entity, Youth Ministry 365! This is designed for Youth Leaders and Youth Ministries – and I am SUPER excited to have the chance to come to your churches or even meet you at the local coffee shop to help you re-structure and revitalize your impressionable influence as you serve the emerging generations. Workshops, summits, presentations, assessments, one-on-one consulting – Whatever it is, you can BOOK ME in 2020! Oh, yes you can! I am available, flexible and ready to help you take youth ministry – and youth leadership to the next level! It’s time to #levelup!

For young people, it is necessary for them to also have a viable outlet. The Lifeline will continue with quarterly conversations directly relevant to youth issues and concerns with them leading the conversations! How dope is that?

Also, as some of you are aware, I am a Preacher’s Kid, the daughter of a phenomenal Pastor. TKCarter_PKBookCover_19(front)

In my conversations with PK’s across the country, it is evident that they are in need of outlets that cater to their concerns and frustrations of bearing the load of being connected to their parents in ministry. With the information I have gained and helped many with, I designed a new forum for the beloved PK’s entitled, “I Am My Parent’s Keeper” with a new book launching Winter 2020. Book signing are already in motion and we can most definitely engage in heartfelt conversations with your group, large or small! 

Listen – all I am asking you to do is STAY CONNECTED and share these opportunities! Get on I-20 and let us make 2020 an exciting year to remember!


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