LIFESTYLE / Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

I am excited to be in the land of the living with another opportunity to spread a delightful word of knowledge! So, the tip for today is to INVEST WISELY!! Ever wonder why we make good money and still never seem to have enough? What is your emergency fund looking like? Or better yet, where is it? Are you wearing it? Driving it? Flaunting it? If so, I challenge you to INVEST IT!! 401K; ROTH IRA; CD – take your pick!

It is great to look good and drive well, BUT please make sure we take care of business. This includes policies for life, health and BURIAL – (BTW: SIDE NOTE) Regardless of the Church you attend, it is not their responsibility to bury you – or your family members – just making that clear. Many times we get upset about what we did not take time to control. Let’s stop playing the blame game and make responsible decisions. To those making moves, taking care of business and making it happen, more power to you! Now go teach someone else β™₯




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