LIFESTYLE / Thursday, May 17th, 2018

I was at home from work on a snowy Memphis day and tuned into a message of power that was being preached by Bishop T. D. Jakes. He was intelligently motivating the congregation to envision progress in the midst of mess as he stood on a roof, showcasing rubbish, and proclaiming it to be the “new” Youth Empowerment Center. As I listened with intent, I thought about women and how we view our beauty through the perspective of the many media resources.

We look in the mirror and see “mess” and proceed to conceal what we really do not see – true beauty. We feel sorry for ourselves and never understand that we are the make of God and regardless of physical attributes, He intricately designed us with unique quality, for a unique purpose. The awesome thing we oftentimes overlook as women is the idea that we are apart of something bigger than we are. Someone needs your experience, the story of your struggle, your sophistication, your expertise of survival, and the testimony of your heart transplant after a bitter and tumultuous relationship.  Fulfilling DESTINY requires completing a series of processes filled with debris that we must embrace and label as “progress”.

With this encouragement, let us change the lens of perspective and measure “beauty” as it is measured by the Master of Beauty. We have an opportunity to complement another and challenge women to overcome low self-esteem by loving who they are. We are not inferior to another, but we are strong, independent, and full of pretty!


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