LIFESTYLE / Thursday, June 7th, 2018

In the political arena, one of the resounding tones have been about “building the wall”. Have you ever seen so much effort into building something that is designed to divide a class of people? The focus is centered on division, more than the explanation of protection. Sad, to say the least. Now I imagine that if as much energy was put into say, building bridges (physically and geographically), the world would seem to shift their mindset towards togetherness and connectivity. Growing up, my mother always told me – and others – not to “burn bridges”. We were also instructed not to “build walls”.

I am not oblivious to the reasons that surrounds the wall being discussed as a barrier; it is just mind-blowing to see the tumultuous mayhem it has caused this nation. Too young to rationalize what she meant, it was not until I matriculated through life that I learned EXACTLY what she was speaking of. Throughout life, we encounter people and situations that shake us to the core and yet, we have to know how to build and not tear down.

Metaphorical in delivery, she was teaching us that life is primarily built on functioning relationships. The only way relationships can properly function is that emotional walls are not erected to keep people out and bridges are not burned that in essence keep us connected. As we grow, things happen; yet, we must learn how to manage, control and adjust our emotions so that we do not destroy what has taken years to establish.

Let’s take time to build and not tear down. It takes the same amount of energy to do both, so chose the positive. I am convinced that if we build and not demolish, we will find that we are happier and much more settled in our spirits. Building takes a great deal of courage. It takes time. It takes intentional effort. Even if you must start the bridge over, you must realize the importance.

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