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The key to dominating a healthy glow is directly connected to what is happening on the inside of your body? Eating healthy is a choice and certainly it is one that you must be mentally prepared to make. Like most of you, my average favorite dish usually includes something buttery, something sweet, something salty, or something dripping with enough grease to oil a body part! Not only do we have these meals filled with overwhelmingly processed ingredients, we then choose to chase what we are eating with 190 calories of high fructose corn syrup that has been carbonated and canned. You know it as a “soft” drink that is ironically hard enough to remove acid a car battery! WOW and WOW again! While those choices taste oh so good, the inside of your body screams, “NOT SO GREAT – NOT SO GREAT!”

Delicious meals do not have to be high in calories to be edible. Clean eating creates room inside of your body to breath. Like a car, when it becomes clogged with toxins, it breaks down. Your body? Yes! It acts the exact same way! You do not have to find the “perfect diet” to eat clean, you just have to make better food choices. Vegetables as opposed to say, french fried potatoes. Most of the health issues, mood swings and mental crashes we battle are simply tied to our meal choices. Ever wondered why you are so cranky? Ever wondered why you feel bloated? Ever had all the sleep you needed, but still felt tired? Ever tried to fake happy? Ever wondered why your clothes just did not fit anymore? The answer lies within the confines of what you have chosen to put on your plate.

I love a good ol’ cold Dr. Pepper. In fact, I was throwing back about six a day at one point not too long ago. I woke up to soda and laid down to soda. It consumed my life and then one day, I looked in the mirror! OMG!! Uhmmm…where did this extra weight come from? Was it even possible that the back side of me could look like this? A transparent truth – I had gained soda weight. The sugar content alone grew parts of my body that I clearly did not know existed! It may sound comical, but that was yet another battle all within itself. All of my frustration now was tied to the ice-cold cans (or six-packs in my case) of carbonated water!

I had to make a CHOICE. Do I keep drinking soda or do I start drinking water instead? Well, I chose water. Biologically, your body is made up of 90% water and not drinking it causes extreme damage on the inside. I expressed to my Pastor once that I was not a “water drinker”. He asked me a question. He said, “TK – What happens if a toilet is in a house, consistently being used without the assistance of water?” After a long pause with my hand cupped around my neck, I shook my head and immediately ran to the store to purchase a gallon of H2O. IT CLICKED! IT MADE PERFECT SENSE. I NEEDED A DRINK – OF WATER! Why? Well, the body operates like a plumbing system. In order for the toxic elements to be released, something has to be there to flush it out. With this being said, I challenge you to a nice tall glass of crisp, clean, water! Make water FUN to drink. Fancy water bottles, filled with color and words help you enjoy the idea that you are drinking clean. I have learned to take a fresh cucumber and a citrus item (lemon or orange) to work. I cut up the ingredients and let them chill gracefully in my water! So refreshing and so clean! I feel absolutely great drinking it and here is a secret: When you drink clean, you will want to eat clean! Live well. Be Happy. Get hydrated!
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4 Replies to “I NEED A DRINK!”

  1. I am so exited about my Girl TK is beginning to drink water!!! Keep the body working in the dash !! 🤗❤️🌺
    First Lady

  2. Amazing blog. Love the content! Yes peeps😁 give your body a much needed break from the heavily processed foods, that are marketed to be “good”. Read those labels. You would be amazed. I am guilty of the indulgence of bad food but recently I’ve come to terns with taking a break from the indulgence of greasy and heavy sugared foods. Guys, it takes baby steps and this blog to keep us empowered. TK you rock,sista!

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