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Up – Up – Up and AWAY!

I grew up in a military household and traveling was a part of my life by default. As I matriculated through life, I realized that travel was something I truly enjoyed and ultimately wanted to do – all the time. Well, let’s be clear. Time brings about changes and truth be told, life started running off and leaving me!

My “travel” was minimized to Church or work-related gatherings and when I realized it, I had taken very little time for myself. Travel should be therapeutic in a sense. It should not always be attached to a gathering that includes using your brain or muscle power. Sometimes, you need to travel just to expose yourself to a different environment and new scenery.  When I take time to travel, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is just something about looking at the clouds from out of the window of an airplane. Related image

Every wondered why you feel bored? Answer this question: When was the last time you took a nice trip? I hear you. I can feel you staring at me through this blog post saying, “Who has the time, the money, the freedom to travel? Not me hunni!” Think again. Stop limiting travel to exotic places that you say you cannot afford and start with the basics. Do something in your local area, away from your local area. Get it? Cross the bridge. Get on the train.

Find something fun! After you get those toes wet, then jump on across to the next state. Listen. You can travel in a weekend with proper planning. Pick a spot. Gas up the vehicle and go stay in a nice hotel! Yes! You must do this! Another thing I want to encourage you to do – GET YOUR PASSPORT! BTW, I am actually yelling! There is nothing like being ready to cross waters and explore borders and you have no way of being there legally.

Get your passport so that you can transport yourself out of the United States. Looking at your state driver’s license brings absolutely NO excitement to one’s life – BUT, a marked up passport does! Book a cruise, visit a near city, or plan an overseas excursion. Just get out of your town. There is plenty to be discovered in the world! So much awaits your visit. In fact, as I am typing, I can smell the food of the island. Oh wait, that’s my candle warmer! Anyway, you get the picture. Get out of your comfort zone and become a travel champ. Start small and work your way around the world. You will surprise yourself (and others). Insert smile! Are you ready to travel? I sure AM!

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  1. Before I stumble to your blog. I was already planning to have a Travel Fund next year so my family can travel. Memories are so important. You are right that even in local places we can still enjoy and create memories.

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